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Proof of Concept: Brantford Remediation

Brantford's Greenwich Mohawk site

Brantford's Greenwich Mohawk site included several prominent factories including Massey-Ferguson, Cockshutt Plow and Sternson, which operated at the site for over a century. When the last of the factories shut down operations on the site in the late 1980s, the buildings were abandoned and went into disrepair. Over time, vandalism, fires, and illegal dumping of garbage plagued the site. The City of Brantford acquired the sites through failed tax sales and made the decision to demolish the buildings. After demolition was completed, the City proceeded to remediate the 50.1 acre site through a combination of in-situ and ex-situ techniques. The primary contaminant of concern was petroleum hydrocarbons in the soil. The petroleum hydrocarbons were addressed through excavation, on-site screening and bioremediation through biopioles. The high groundwater table filled the excavation areas which carried LNAPL to the surface. Oilsitc was introduced by the remediation contractor to spread on top of the exposed groundwater. Through a pilot program, it was discovered that Oilstic effectively absorbed the majority of the LNAPL. The spent OIlstic could be removed within 24 hours and disposed offsite. After the pilot program, Oilstic was implemented site wide for the remainder of the remediation program (9 months). Oilstic also helped to mitigate some of the odour concerns (petroleum/fuel smells) by acting as a barrier.

To learn more, please refer to the articles about this project in the local paper of Brantford, links are below. In addition, there is a link to the City of Brantford detailing the project.

Terrific job' on Greenwich-Mohawk brownfield cleanup

Surplus is projected on Greenwich-Mohawk remediation project

Greenwich-Mohawk brownfield remediation is on schedule

Contaminated soil from Greenwich-Mohawk trucked to Hamilton landfill

Cleanup expected to get back on track at Brantford's Greenwich-Mohawk brownfield

Greenwich-Mohawk Brownfield Project

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